Monkeypox Vaccine Now Available in Melbourne at Yarra Medical

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Protect Yourself: Monkeypox Vaccine Now Available in Melbourne at Yarra Medical

Are you looking for the Monkeypox vaccine in Melbourne? Look no further than Yarra Medical! We’re excited to announce that we now have the Monkeypox vaccine in stock, ensuring you can protect yourself and your loved ones against this emerging infectious disease. Simply book with any of our GPs to get access to the vaccine.

Recent Monkeypox Developments in Victoria

Since April 18, 2024, Victoria has reported 24 confirmed cases of Monkeypox, with 21 cases acquired locally. The ongoing risk of transmission within the community highlights the importance of vaccination.

Global Spread and Local Concerns

Monkeypox continues to spread globally, with Victoria facing ongoing risks of local transmission and transmission linked to international travel.

Seek Medical Care for Symptoms

Individuals experiencing symptoms of Monkeypox should seek immediate medical care and testing to prevent further spread and complications.

Benefits of Vaccination

Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of Monkeypox transmission and severity. Two doses of the Monkeypox vaccine are necessary for optimal protection. Ensure you complete your vaccination schedule if you haven’t received the second dose.

Expanded Eligibility for Free Vaccination

Eligibility criteria for free Monkeypox vaccination, including Primary Prevention Vaccination (PPV) and Post-Exposure Preventative Vaccination (PEPV), have been expanded to cover additional at-risk groups.

Accessibility of Vaccine at Yarra Medical Centre

Monkeypox vaccine is readily available at Yarra Medical Centre in Melbourne. Visit us to receive your vaccination from our experienced healthcare professionals.

Clinical Guidance and Vigilance

Healthcare providers at Yarra Medical Centre are committed to offering Monkeypox vaccination to all eligible individuals at risk of infection. Clinicians should test for Monkeypox in patients presenting with compatible symptoms, including genital rash, lesions, or proctitis.

Stay Informed, Act Responsibly

Even vaccinated individuals may contract Monkeypox, emphasizing the need for vigilance and prompt reporting of suspected cases to the Department of Health on 1300 651 160.