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Nicotine Vape Prescription

Nicotine vaping prescriptions are now offered at Yarra Medical. Dr. Ed Skinner, one of the few GPs in Melbourne providing nicotine vaping prescriptions, shares insights on this quitting method.

Quitting smoking is tough and crucial for your health, with smoking causing significant harm to nearly every organ. If you’ve tried Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) without success, vaping might be an option.

Vaping, or using e-cigarettes, heats a nicotine solution into an inhalable aerosol. While not harmless, vaping is less harmful than smoking, as it doesn’t burn tobacco. Studies show improvements in health for those who switch from smoking to vaping, with lowered blood pressure and reduced risk of certain diseases.

Research suggests vaping is more effective than NRT for quitting smoking, but more studies are needed. As a GP, Dr. Skinner helps patients find the right quitting method, sometimes using a combination of strategies. Vaping can provide a smaller, controlled dose of nicotine, helping smokers transition away from cigarettes.

It’s important to note that vaping isn’t risk-free and should only be used by smokers trying to quit. Yarra Medical offers appointments for those interested in discussing nicotine prescriptions for vaping.

Please book a telehealth or in-person appointment with Dr Ed Skinner if you would like to discuss this further.