PrEP Treatment in Melbourne

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Looking for PrEP Treatment in Melbourne?

PrEP treatment or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV is available from all doctors at Yarra Medical, including Dr Edward Skinner. The treatment is designed to prevent HIV infection if you are exposed to HIV. It must be taken daily. Regular sexual health checks must be conducted every 3 months if you decide to stay on the medication.

As with all medications, there can be side effects and not all patients are suitable for PrEP.  All doctors, including Dr Edward Skinner, require an initial 10-15min appointment to assess your suitability for the medication. If eligible, testing will then need to be undertaken before providing a prescription for PrEP.

Pathology collection is available on the day from 8am to 4pm weekdays and from 9am to 1pm Saturday for these tests. Results will usually be available within one week.

Yarra Medical is open 7 days per week including weekends. If Dr Edward Skinner is not available on the day, all other doctors at the clinic are able to prescribe this medication to you.

To book with Dr Eward Skinner or one of our other doctors, simply go to our online booking page to book online. Please make sure you have a look at our clinic fees listed on our website or check with the receptionist at the time of booking.

Our locations

Yarra Medical is located across two sites. Yarra Medical The Hive is conveniently located in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford. There is plenty of underground car parking at The Hive Shopping Centre for patients. There is also a chemist conveniently located within the shopping centre to provide your PrEP medications.

Yarra Medical Richmond is located near the corner of Victoria and Burnley Streets in Richmond. It is just accross the road from Victoria Gardens shopping centre. PrEP prescriptions can be collected from the pharmacy located within the shopping centre.

What is PrEP treatment?

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a pill that protects you from getting HIV. When taken as prescribed, it provides 99% protection. Because it protects you from getting HIV, it’s only appropriate for those who haven’t contracted it but are at risk. This would include:

  • men who have sex with men without the use of a condom.
  • those who are sexually active but don’t regularly use a condom.
  • Those who have a sexual partner who is HIV positive and isn’t on medication.

There are different routines when it comes to taking PrEP, so make sure to chat about this when you come in to our clinics to find out which method is best for you. Be sure to also discuss any concerns you have around side effects or PrEP treatment and pregnancy.

For more up to date information on PrEP treatment, visit one of the doctors at Yarra Medical. This article was written by Doctor Edward Skinner who is a local GP at Yarra Medical Richmond and Yarra Medical The Hive.