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Vivienne Willmott – Osteopath

Vivienne firmly believes that educating her patients to understand the nature of their condition is the key to pain management and recovery from injury. She provides hands on treatment combined with exercise prescription, ergonomic advice and lifestyle modifications to help her patients get back to their normal.

Vivienne thoroughly enjoys treating the wide variety of conditions that patients present to her with, and is enthusiastic about the role she plays in helping her patients overcome injuries and manage pain.

Vivienne has undergone further training in Clinical Pilates with specific training in Pre and Post Natal Pilates. Utilising her osteopathic and pilates training, Vivienne enjoys helping patient in the long-term management of conditions such as Lower Back Pain, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis as well as for helping women in the Pre and Postal Natal period to overcome pregnancy or birth related pelvic floor dysfunction.

Vivienne utilises a wide variety of Osteopathic Techniques, dependent on the patient and their needs. These treatment techniques may include; Soft Tissue Massage, Muscle Stretching & Muscle Energy Technique, Gentle Joint Articulation and/or Manipulation, Positional Release and Intramuscular Dry Needling.

Vivienne is a Richmond resident and has recently returned to work from maternity leave. She is excited to help members of her local community overcome pain. In her spare time, Vivienne loves nothing more than walking along the river in Richmond with Ramsay and their daughter.

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