Thunderstorm Asthma

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Thunderstorm asthma is triggered by a combination of an unusually high level of grass pollen in the air and certain types of thunderstorms.  It is most common during late spring and early summer when pollen counts are at their highest.

Warnings are now issued by the Victorian Government to increase awareness of this phenomenon after the devastating thunderstorm asthma event in Melbourne last year.
Asthma first aid is simple and can help save lives, follow the steps below if you or someone you know is experiencing an asthma attack:
1.Sit the person upright and connect the blue/grey puffer (Ventolin) to the spacer
2.Shake the puffer, spray once into a spacer, and ask them to take four breaths from the spacer
3.Repeat until 4 puffs have been administered
4.Wait 4 minutes, if no improvement repeat steps 1-4
5.If there is still no improvement, call 000 while repeating steps 1-4
If you have any queries or concerns when it comes to thunderstorm asthma, book in to see one of our GPs by clicking on the ‘Book On-line’ button at the top of the page, or call the clinic directly on (03) 9428 6200.