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Online Ergonomic Assessments via Telehealth, Zoom or Facetime for those Working From Home!

Are you feeling stiff and achy from working at home over the last few weeks? While our resident Osteopath, Ramsay, is still open to treat and help rehabilitate those postural issues, he is also now offering his experience as an Ergonomic Risk Assessor to those working from home.

This new service is available through Osteopaths of Richmond and Yarra Medical.

Get expert advice without leaving your home

There are many ways our lives have been affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the more significant changes you may be dealing with is that you now have to work from home.

Some of you may be lucky enough to already have a desk, task chair and maybe even a monitor at home, but some of you may only be working off your laptop on the dining table.  Either way, if you are now working from home, I’m sure there is a lot more time spent in front of a screen with less breaks and less incidental movement occurring.  You’re probably less likely to walk to get a coffee, head to the print room or to simply get up from your normal desk to chat or meet with a colleague.

The increase in static postures resulting from Working From Home can have an impact on your musculoskeletal system and can increase the likelihood for aches and pains to develop.  This lack of movement, on top of less than ideal home-office furniture, can compound the risk for musculoskeletal injuries.

Having worked in the corporate sector performing on-site Ergonomic Risk Assessments since 2017, I have come across many different workstations and varied working scenarios.

In keeping with this pandemic’s social distancing guidelines, I’m now offering my ergonomic expertise to patients of Osteopaths of Richmond and Yarra Medical to help you minimise the injury risks associated with working from home through this trying time.

Kind Regards and stay safe,

Ramsay Willmott – Osteopath

Osteopaths of Richmond

What’s involved

Online Ergonomic Assessment Consults include: assessment of your workstation and individualised advice on stretches or exercises specific to your needs.

Duration: ~30minutes

Delivery: Facetime, Zoom, TeleHealth

To Book: Call Yarra Medical Richmond on 03 94286200 and ask to book an Online Ergonomic Assessment.

Cost $77.00 (GST inclusive)

*Check with your Private Health Insurer for available rebates.

**If you have a pre-existing injury associated with work, your employer may require a report following the assessment, or approval of a quote prior to the service delivery. Please email for a quote on this service.